Where is NCCV?

NCCV (Namibian Children’s Community Vision) is based in northern Namibia, Africa. Our NCCV Kindergarten is in a village near Opuwo called Katatura (not to be mistaken with Katutura, a township of Windhoek). The kindergarten is in the Kunene region which has a desert climate with very little rainfall throughout the year. 

Many families live in homes off dirt roads that have yet to be mapped and life here can be challenging with limited access to fresh food. Children in Katatura are at a disadvantage compared to those who grow up closer to or in cities like Windhoek, where access to education is more available. But with NCCV’s help, these children can get the education they need for a more productive future.


Monica Simon
Tel :
Katatura, Opuwo, Namibia


Stuart Lee
Tel : 07861 700 969
Email : stuart.lee@nccv.org.uk

Registered Charity address
44 Newark Road, Tuffley, Gloucester GL1 5TW, UK


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