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Jo Stimpson : UK Coordinator
Jo Stimpson : UK Coordinator
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Veronica Parker : Assistant Coordinator

Who are we?

At NCCV (Namibian Children’s Community Vision), we fund and run a kindergarten (school/nursery) for children in rural Namibia. The NCCV Kindergarten is based in a village near Opuwo in the north of Namibia, called Katatura. After speaking with the Headman of Katatura to decide on the best way for us to help the community, we followed his wishes and built a kindergarten where all local children would be welcome to learn for free. Our kindergarten is the only kindergarten in Katatura and the only free kindergarten in the wider Opuwo area.


How HIV & AIDS affect this region of Namibia

The Kunene region, where the kindergarten is located, is a challenging environment. There’s little rainfall, limited access to fresh nutritious food, and a HIV and AIDS pandemic that continues to affect whole generations throughout Namibia. Children are often left to fend for themselves, or in many cases, they are forced to care for sick parents and siblings. Child-headed families are common in this region of Namibia. The number of orphans and vulnerable children is estimated at over 120,000 – this in a country with a population of less than 2 million.


NCCV’s aims

NCCV aims to relieve some of the burden these children bear, and hopefully give back to them some of the childhood they are missing. When a child goes to kindergarten, they can play with their friends, develop important early skills and learn English alongside their native tongue, Otjiherero. This helps close the gap between children born in deprived areas like Katatura and those born in places like Windhoek, who are more likely to have a headstart in speaking English at home.

Our team of trustees and fundraisers in the UK work with the teaching staff in Namibia by securing funds for the school, delivering teacher training and providing any support where needed. Since NCCV began, we’ve successfully built and run a kindergarten to help the children of Katatura. We also have a strong relationship with the new primary school in Katatura, and our position as a feeder kindergarten means that we can support our children to continue their learning.

Because the kindergarten is the only free early years education in the area, our waitlist is already full. We want to grow NCCV so we can help even more children – our next big step is a new second classroom. Read more about NCCV’s history and our plans for the future on our Aims page.


How can I help?

NCCV is an independent charity run by volunteers and looked after by trustees, fundraisers and coordinators in the UK and Namibia. We rely on donations from individuals like you to keep the NCCV Kindergarten going, whether it’s an ongoing commitment to the children of Katatura to make sure they have enough school supplies, or a one-off donation towards one of our upcoming projects – we appreciate every penny.

You can help the children of Katatura by donating any of the values below.

£3 would buy a pencils and other learning equipment for the children

£5 would buy early leaning aids for the children

£10 would buy educational books for the kindergarten

Find out how to help the children of Katatura on our Donations page.

Teaching and
Teacher Training

Metarere Simon : NCCV Kindergarten Teacher
Eleanor Dawson : NCCV Teacher Trainer
Danny Wright : Teacher Trainer

All NCCV Trustees and staff are dedicated to the education of the young ones of Katatura

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